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Swing Camp Catalina
Website www.swingcamp.com/
Year Established 1993
Program Description Swing camps featuring classes in lindy, shag, balboa, charleston, movement, tap, shim sham & stroll, hip hop, dips/tricks, big apple, salsa.
Number of Programs/Year 1
Program Length 1 or 2 weeks
Program Focus Dance
Faculty International professional dancers including Frankie Manning, Steven Mitchell, Keneth & Helena Norbelie, Sing Lim, Eva Lagerqvist, Eddie Jansson, Mattias Lundmark, Asa Palm, Christer & Ann Isberg
Costs $325-$350/1 week, $600-$625/2 weeks. Lodging options include hotels, house rentals, camping.
U.S. Locations Catalina, California
Months June
Contact Swing Camp Catalina/Pasadena Ballroom Dance Assoc.
PO Box 91131
Pasadena, CA 91109-1131
United States
Phone: 626-799-5689
Fax: 626-799-7999
E-Mail: pbda1@earthlink.net

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